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  • Graf/AK By Fraser Munro

    A  three year journey by Fraser Munro through Auckland city graffiti culture culminates to an important 144 page document containing 350 photographs.

    Graf/AK is a series of vibrant images mapping the evolution of Auckland’s world renowned writers and walls.

    As a reader you will almost certainly discover something new upon each re visit.

    Graf/AK is a celebration of New Zealand writers and artists, its champions their innovations and creativity.

    A sample of artists and crews Featured in Graf/AK:

    Askew, Basin, Berst, Dapso, Deus, Diva, Gasp, Gbak, Kerso, Lore, Misery, Oche, Ogers, Ouch, Peap, Pest 5, Phat1, Rtr, Seek, Tmd, Toast, Turps, Vents, Wert 159, Yoke, Zerone.


    • Softcover
    • 144 pages
    • Dimensions: 186 x 234 mm

    Photography by Fraser Munro, Beatnik Publishing, 2012

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