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Montana Adhesive 400ml Spray Glue


    Acid-free ADHESIVE spray consisting of a synthetic base with solvents. Single application spray ADHESIVE for permanent adhesion. Suitable for most materials like foam, jute, felt, textiles, insulating material, expanded polystyrene, plastics, foils, paper, cardboard, wood and to adhere inlays.

    Not suitable for use with artificial leather or other materials with plasticising agents or softeners (e.g. plasticised PVC). Available as 150ml and 400ml.

    Always test before use.

    Can be applied to one or both surfaces being adhered. Final adhesion strength is reached after 24h. Can be applied in a temperature range of –10°C to + 50°C subject to materials used and their weights.

    No penetration when used on textiles. Suitable for craft & paperwork. Clean and efficient when applied over small or large areas.

    USE: For best functionality, do not store or use under 10°C outside temperature. Shake can well, apply on clean, dry and grease-less surfaces. Optimal spray distance to object is 20-30cm. Spray on surfaces and allow to evaporate for 3 - 10 minutes (depending on outside temperature and absorptivity of surface). Then compress strongly. Porous, uneven or absorbent surfaces are recommended to be primed with a thin layer of adhesive spray, let it dry for 5 minutes and then continue as above.

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