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Montana Gold Tech & Shock Series 400ml Spray paint

  • The Montana Gold range is divided between two separate pages.

    Select "Shock colours", Metallics, varnishes, primers and adhesives here OR Click the "Montana Gold range" link above to navigate to the rest of the series.

    The Montana GOLD TECH Series

    This series provides technical sprays like varnish gloss and matt, acetone (cap cleaner), universal (plastic primer) as well as a Styrofoam primer.

    The perfect completion for the GOLD range. The Varnish can be used to seal and protect artworks created with Montana GOLD or Montana ACRYLIC.

    Use Montana GOLD TECH Spray Acetone / Cap Cleaner to clean lacquer residues on objects or clear closed caps. Use the primers for pre-treament of different surfaces, especially the Styrofoam primer for polystyrene objects and grounds.

    The alphabetical list of colours below the products image is in stock and comparable against the downloadable colour chart link you see below.

    Click to download the Montana GOLD TECH Brochure

    Right click, and select "save link as" to download the Spray paint colour chart to your computer


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