Beat Merchants — On The Run .165 Acrylic Marker 1mm

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On The Run .165 Acrylic Marker 1mm

  • On The Run .165 Acrylic Marker 1mm

    Use as a professional artist tool for drawings and paintings on any surface.

    The acrylic paint it contains can be applied to non stationary objects like canvas, plastic bags or shoes.

    The plastic contour tip allows you to paint opaque fine lines at length, without having to activate the valve again.

    Opaque, water based acrylic paint, non toxic and acid free. Odorless, light-fast, abrasion proof, xylene free, lead free and waterproof when dry.

    Bonds permanently on canvas, paper, metal, wood, terracotta, poster board, plaster and on porous materials.

    The OTR.165 is a valve marker made in Germany. Sold separately, and available in 22 colors.